While online poker was once illegal in the United States, its legal status has slowly improved in recent years, and a new wave of US states has legalized the game. The reversal of the 2011 DOJ interpretation of the Wire Act reflects the progress made in this area. The Wire Act, enacted in 1961, aims to prevent sports betting across state lines through wire communications. Moreover, it is meant to thwart mob activity in the sports betting business.

Despite the legal risks, online poker remains a major industry that can generate revenue for the states that legalize it. Currently, six states have legalized online poker, and more are on the verge of implementing legislation. Legalizing online poker is a boon for state economies, but the process will continue to be state-by-state. But before any state can legalize online poker, the first step is regulating it. Listed below are some of the key steps to legalizing online poker in the US.

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